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Questions you may have about the tours

If it is bad weather on the day of my tour, will it run as planned?

As the nature of all walking tours, it will run in most weather conditions. We will keep an eye on the weather report apps, and if it is deemed too dangerous or unsafe to do so; we will cancel the tour. Do bring a lightweight coat/waterproofs and an umbrella just in case - I’m sure you know what the British weather is like. It will be down to the discretion of the tour presenter if there is a heavy downpour and a coffee break might be needed along the tour route. Coffee is not supplied by the tour.  No refunds will be given in the event of cancellation or stopping the tour due to weather conditions as this is an act of nature.


Is there a maximum or a minimum number of people allowed on a tour?  

The maximum number of people permitted on the tour is 12 guests.  There is no minimum but to help support a small business and costs, please consider at least 2 ticket/ 2 guests per order. which would be highly appreciated.


What languages can the tours be presented in?

All tours are presented in English. The tour presenter will allow time for any translation if you have a translator. 


Is there a cloakroom for bags?

Sorry, there isn't one - but most train stations have a 'left luggage' dept and some hotels may do the same for a charge. It's not advised due to the length of the tour - 2hr 30mins - for your comfort,  to carry large heavy backpacks, holdalls, suitcases or large bags of shopping. 


Can children attend the tours?

Due to the subject matter, and the length of the tour with no official breaks; some young children may tire. I think young people 12 years plus will get more out of it. PLEASE NOTE:  Anyone under the age of 16  years old, MUST be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age.

What happens in the event of running late & missing the start of the tour?

15 - 20 mins late will be ok, but anything longer than that is not advisable as it will disturb the guests already in attendance and disturb the flow of the tour presenter. The tours will always begin at the advertised scheduled start time. As stated on your ticket please arrive at the meeting point 15 mins before -we can not wait for latecomers.  If you know you will are going to be late please contact us via the messaging system on the website as the tour presenter will get alerts sent to their work mobile/cell phone. You can of course find the tour and join us but no refunds will be given if this occurs.

 Are the tours accessible across all locations?

Yes, the tour is wheelchair-accessible in all The Locationist locations;  however please bare in mind that some roads may cover terrain like cobbled stones roads and pavements as in some parts of Manchester and some steep inclines.  Of course, if you require specific details regarding the tour route please contact us.  We would be happy if alternatively, you would like us to arrange a tour bespoke to your specific access requirements, then feel free to contact us via the email on the website.  Rest assured the tours coordinator will do a rece of the tour route on the morning of the tour to access if there is any work taking place or any health and safety issues, or obstructions and if there is anything highlighted we have to alter the tour route.


 Can you eat and drink on the tour?

Please feel free to buy snacks, soft drinks, and water before your tour as we will not stop for any official breaks. The tour meeting points have been specifically designed in areas where there are lots of cool places to eat and get coffee before or after your tour.


Please do think of cinema/theatre etiquette if you choose to eat food whilst listening to the tour presenter, please think of the other guests and keep the noise to a minimum - thank you.

The tour presenter will also point out loads of great places to go eat and drink after the tour, with lots of recommendations during the tour. 

 How long do we need to be there before the tour starts?

We suggest that you show up 10 minutes before the start of your tour - so we can check your ticket.  The tour will depart at the scheduled advertised time, even if you are yet to arrive, so please give yourself plenty of time as we can't wait for latecomers. 

What is the duration of the tour?

The tour lasts approximately 2.5 hrs for the general tour.

The walking speed of the guests in the group will determine the time, but the tour presenter will aim to bring the tour in on the scheduled time. 

The tour presenter will announce to the group if they would be ok if the tour can run over slightly to make sure the group has seen all the locations planned.


Where do you meet for The Locationist -Birmingham?

Meeting point: 

Outside 200 degrees coffee shop, 12 Lower Temple St, near New Street station,

Birmingham, B2 4JD

Where do you meet for The Locationist - Manchester?

Meeting point: 

Outside 'Almost Famous' GREAT NORTHERN, Peter St, Manchester M3 4EN

How do I identify 'The Locationist' tour presenter?

Your tour guide/presenter will be wearing either a branded hoodie or a branded tote bag with a folder.

Booking the tour - easy right?

It sure is, here are the things you need to know.

We recommend booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Tickets are not available to purchase on the actual day of the tour  -the event closes 1 day before the tour -so booking in advance is always recommended. 

How do I book online? Simply hit the icon on the website, or links on socials which will take you to the ticketing host -EventBrite forThe Locationist. 

Search for the date and time which you would like to attend and click on that event. 

You then need to select the number of tickets you would like to purchase. Once you have added the tickets to your order you click on the checkout icon at the bottom of the screen. Here you can select your method of payment and confirm your order details. Once you have purchased your tour, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from EventBrite.

In the event of an emergency, what is the nearest hospital to the tour?

The Locationist - Birmingham 

Birmingham City Hospital.

It is located in the Winson Green area

Dudley Rd, Birmingham B18 7QH

Emergency department: Open 24 hours 

 0121 553 1831

The Locationist - Manchester

Salford Royal A & E

Stott Lane
M6 8HD

 0161 789 7373

Do you deliver bespoke tours and tours for corporate events?

Yes, we sure do! If you cannot find a tour date/time which suits you then feel free to contact us via e-mail,  and we can discuss the possibility of a private tour/group booking. We could possibly add some exciting extras to this tour package too. 

***The educational interactive tour version of The Locationist  for schools & college is available on request.  For more information please contact us.

 How far in advance can I book a tour?

You can book tickets up to the end of Summer 2024

How can I reschedule or cancel my tour?

PLEASE NOTE: REFUNDS UP TO 7 DAYS BEFORE EVENT, however, we can reschedule the date of the tour to any others which have availability if more than 48 hours' notice has been given. Please send us a message asap if you need to reschedule or cancel. 


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